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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Somawathiya Stupa

Somawathiya Stupa is one of the famous Buddhist places in Sri Lanka. It is said to contain the sacred right tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. It is situated in the Polonnaruwa district, near the Sungawila village, one of the most rural areas in Sri Lanka. It is in the middle of a wild life sanctuary, at the bank of Mahaweli River, the longest river in Sri Lanka. This sacred place had been kept away from most of the visitors during war period. Now as the war has come to an end, the place is opened to everybody around the world. The number of visitors coming to this place has increased since then.
The place is known as a miraculous place. Many people have seen a bright light around the Stupa at several occasions. Many people visit this place early in the morning to see this miracle. The place is full of wild life and there are a lot of elephants around this area. These elephants often come very near the Stupa, and villages say that they come to worship the Stupa. There are dears around the Stupa and they are very friendly with humans. Anyone can touch and feed them, because they have got used to humans very well.
The grass land spreading far and wide, the wind coming from the river is powerful enough to charm anybody who visits there.